13.03.2019 Sao Paulo Cuts VAT for Carmakers Investing at Least $259 Million 21.01.2019 Prague Rules Launched, But Jury Still Out On Usability 08.10.2018 Souto Correa hires former Trench Rossi M&A partner 07.08.2018 Brazilian shipbuilder edges closer to restructuring 23.07.2018 Guilherme Rizzo Amaral Appointed to Act as Ambassador to the Commission of the ICC 30.05.2018 Souto Correa secures injunction against Brazilian lorry strike 29.05.2018 Petrobras’ diesel price freeze draws criticism 13.03.2018 Mexican steelmaker wins dispute against power rate hike in Brazil 01.12.2017 Souto Correa helps Brazilian energy association redraft bill 26.06.2017 NOTA – BM&A