Daniele Verza Marcon Data Protection, Arbitration and Mediation, Litigation
Languages : Portuguese (native) and English |VCARD |RESUME

Graduated in Legal and Social Sciences from UFRGS, where she is currently a master’s candidate in Civil and Corporate Law. Daniele has experience in judicial litigation and arbitration, working on complex demands related to civil and corporate law. For two years, she has been conducting research related to civil law and technology, with an emphasis on artificial intelligence and data protection.

• Master’s candidate in Civil and Corporate Law (UFRGS).
• LL.B. Bachelor of Laws from Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (2020).
• Course of “Anglo-American Business Law (145h workload). University College London, 2019.

• Academic Laurel (UFRGS, 2020).
• Honorable mention as Speaker at the X Brazilian Competition of Arbitration and Business Mediation (CAMARB, 2019).
• 2nd Best Speaker at V Regional South in preparation to the Brazilian Competition of Arbitration and Business Mediation – CAMARB (OAB, 2019)
• Highlight with nomination for the Young Researcher Award at the XXXI Scientific Initiation Meeting of UFRGS, for the work “Artificial Intelligence in Courts: from COMPAS and the Wisconsin Supreme Court to the challenges of robots in Brazilian Courts”, under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Maria Cláudia Cachapuz (UFRGS, 2019).

• MARCON, Daniele Verza; DUTRA, Erika. Donin; IRION, Lukas da Costa. Artificial intelligence in arbitration: should we consider the possibility of decision-rendering AI? Young Arbitration Review, Lisboa, Portugal, p. 14 – 19, 31 jan. 2020.
• MARCON, Daniele Verza. Inteligência Artificial nos Tribunais: os desafios sobre o uso de robôs e a responsabilidade civil. In: Maria Cláudia Cachapuz. (Org.). Direito Privado e liberdades civis (Ensaios acadêmicos). 1 ed. Porto Alegre: AMAZON – Publicação Independente, 2020, v. 1, p. 4441-4881.

additional activities
• Researcher at the CNPq research group “Fundamentals of data protection in contemporaneity”.
• Member of the teams that represented Souto, Correa, Cesa, Lummertz & Amaral in the Brazilian Competition of Arbitration and Business Mediation – CAMARB, in the 2018 and 2019 editions.