Souto Correa has experience in handling advisory and litigation matters of both general Administrative Law (procurement and public contracts, concession of public services, expropriations) and regulation of specific sectors of the economy, such as electricity, oil, natural gas, mining, sanitation, telecommunication, civil aviation, and land and water transport. The team is appraised by clients for having prominent performance in regulatory discussions, auctions and bid rounds, and in administrative proceedings.


In bids of the government and administrative contracts, the work of our firm includes:
a) Assisting clients in bid proceedings to approve results, including the review and interpretation of regulatory aspects;
b) Review and interpretation of tender protocols, including annexes and clarifications;
c) Preparing clarification requests to the Bid Committee;
d) Reviewing and preparing documents required by the tender protocol and other proceedings to submit the bids;
e) Review of documents and proposals of other bidders;
f) Preparing appeals and responses relating to bid proceedings and administrative contracts;
g) Preparing economic restatement requests;
h) Representing clients in Public Finance Courts.


We also assist clients in matters relating to infrastructure, providing sophisticated and innovative legal solutions:
a) Assisting clients in the logistics and transport sectors, including in matters that relate to concessions of sectoral services, including roads, railways, metros, ports and airports;
b) Legal assistance regarding licenses, certificates and authorizations required to the performance of a regulated activity;
c) Representing clients before regulatory agencies and authorities (including Anvisa, ANEEL, ANP, ANTAQ, ANM, ANAC, ANTT, SPU, DPC, MME, MMA, etc.);
d) Defending clients in administrative sanction proceedings;
e) Consultancy on the interpretation of normative acts;
f) Reviewing administrative contracts and providing assistance during their performance;
g) Assisting clients in proceedings to express interest in modelling specific bids.