This area is dedicated to providing assistance in the development and implementation of compliance programs to conform with national and international requirements, mainly involving:

• Awareness and leadership training, as well as support in the creation of ethics and conduct committees;
• Mapping and assessment of legal risks and preparing action plans;
• Drafting and/or reviewing internal codes of conduct, policies and processes;
• Implementation of guidance channels for employees and third parties;
• Creation and management of reporting channels for complaints regarding potential nonconformities;
• Face-to-face and virtual training and communication;
• Conducting monitoring and self-assessments, and remediation plans;
• Participation in the investigation into and/or assessment of cases of non-compliance;
• Reports and performance metrics to meet internal and regulatory agency requirements;
• Guidelines regarding legal content and updates on laws (anti-corruption measures, data privacy, work environment regulations, information management, antitrust, environment, etc.);
• Pro-ethics seal (CGU).