The Consumer and Product Liability area is in charge of conducting strategic lawsuits involving consumer rights, such as public civil actions and collective actions. The team’s experience also includes the conducting of public civil inquiries and strategic administrative cases filed by state and federal consumer protection and defense authorities. In addition, the team deals with lawsuits involving product liability and has experience in guiding and conducting product recall campaigns. The area also advises clients regarding their internal policies related to e.g. post-sales services and electronic commerce.

Among the main activities developed by the area, the following jobs also stand out:

• Representation of an association of electronics manufacturers in a lawsuit against an unconstitutional state law and in a collective action against the Federal Government for an administrative act of the Departamento de Proteção e Defesa do Consumidor (DPDC) involving customer services;
• Representation of a major retail chain in the domestic market, of a global electronics manufacturer, of a global manufacturer of computer equipment and of a leading civil aviation company in the domestic market in public civil inquiries and in highly publicized strategic public civil actions filed by consumer protection agencies, as well as in high-profile administrative proceedings brought by the Departamento de Proteção e Defesa do Consumidor (DPDC) and PROCONs;
• Representation of a retail market leader against public authorities for decisions that suspended the supply of products/services and applied fines;
• Representation of an online worldwide accommodation booking company in lawsuits involving consumer rights and e-commerce;
• Protected the interests of a global manufacturer of power tools, a global manufacturer of electronics and an infrastructure company in the energy sector in lawsuits regarding liability for product defects;
• Representation of a pesticide manufacturer in a strategic public civil action regarding environmental liability and the consumer;
• Full assistance to a worldwide manufacturer of computer products in the execution of recall campaigns in Brazil;
• Assistance to a civil aviation company by providing consultancy and revising internal policies regarding consumer relations, including loyalty programs;
• Assistance to a manufacturer of computer products by reviewing policies regarding consumer relations, including warranty issues, post-sales services, advertising and e-commerce.