Our team comprises attorneys who are experts in practice areas such as Intellectual Property, Corporate, Consumer, Contracts and Tax Law, and who apply their expertise in connection with the media, digital and entertainment areas. Our clients include artists and/or performing artists, advertising agencies, major TV broadcasters, digital platforms, including market places and e-commerce providers, telecommunication and technology companies, film/TV studios and production companies, record labels, publishing companies, independent and content producers.

We provide assistance on agreements such as representation, intermediation, sponsorship, advertising, licensing, marketing and naming rights agreements, as well as on the negotiations in connection therewith. The team’s experience includes the corporate restructuring of artists and producers’ companies, also covering tax and succession planning in order to minimize the applicability of taxes and capital risks, thus creating leaner structures for income management.

The team also advises clients on issues related to the Advertising Self-Regulating Council – CONAR, the National Cinema Agency – ANCINE and the corresponding Ministries, and provides consultancy on contracts and negotiations for audiovisual productions for the film, music, television and online platform industries, in all stages of production, including shows and events, artistic and cultural productions, book publishing, branded entertainment and product placement, in addition to issues related to tax incentive laws for of cultural projects, including proceedings issued by the Ministry of Citizenship. Our expertise also encompasses clearance of rights in connection with intellectual works, obtaining authorizations from the rights holders whenever necessary.

Our Media and Entertainment professionals are also experienced in projects related to image rights and other personality rights, protection of personal data, copyrights and internet, including issues related to consumer rights arising from the virtual environment. We also draft and provide assistance on terms of use, contracts and policies related to e-commerce, cultural competitions, sweepstakes and promotions, privacy and compliance, and training on data protection.

As regards the music industry, the team periodically audits statements delivered to performers, composers and musicians, including on royalties, copyrights, public performance rights and licensing. It also negotiates and engages  in legal disputes involving record companies, publishers, collective management entities and digital platforms.


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