The real estate team has expertise in complex real estate transactions. The firm provides services to domestic and foreign clients with a focus on corporate real property issues. Our professionals are capable of advising across a variety of contentious and non-contentious real estate matters, with experience in due diligence; acquisitions and sale of urban and rural properties; commercial and industrial leases; real estate developments and land parcelling projects; regularisation of real properties and register of buildings; and with the conduction of administrative and judicial proceedings related to real estate.

“Areas of expertise at Souto Correa Cesa Lummertz & Amaral Advogados include commercial, industrial and rural leases, large construction projects and property litigation. Gilberto Deon Corrêa Júnior and Fábio Machado Baldissera are key contacts in the team, which has a diverse client base” (The Legal 500).


Recent Representations

■ Advice to the largest developer in Brazil on drafting memorandums on real estate incorporation and development in large real estate ventures and on the registry of deeds (with the Deeds Registry);

■ Advice on the sale of industrial property owned by the world’s largest tobacco industry leader, including drafting of preliminary contracts, public deeds and securities;

■ Advice on the sale of large urban areas in the city of São Paulo owned by a leading energy distribution company in Brazil;

■ Advice to the acquirer in an M&A operation on several real estate matters regarding the acquisition of controlling interest of a concessionaire headquartered in the countryside area of Rio Grande do Sul;

■ Assistance in the acquisition of a historic building for the installation of a cultural center in the city of São Paulo, including aspects of restrictive covenants in drafting all contracts, legal due diligence and coordination of technical due diligence;

■ Advice to a company in the infrastructure sector on the installation of of a SHP – Small Hydroelectric Power Station in the state of Rio Grande do Sul;

■ Legal services to the global leader in Safety in Motion Control in drafting lease agreements for the installation of its headquarters in the state of Rio de Janeiro;

■ Advice to a client in the industrial segment on the installation of a factory in the State of São Paulo, including analysis of urban and environmental aspects;

■ Advice to a forestry company in carrying out real estate auditing and constitution of fiduciary assignment of real estate as guarantee in a consent decree;

■ Advice on the acquisition of rural areas in the countryside area of the state of Rio Grande do Sul for the installation of a farm dedicated to intensive cattle farming;

■ Advice to a leading shopping mall in Rio de Janeiro on structuring the relationship between the company’s partners and on drafting an agreement regarding shopping mall management services;

■ Advice to a technology company in the countryside area of the state of São Paulo on real estate regularization of its factory, including area rectification, unification of property titles and issues related to expropriation;

■ Advice on real estate issues involving photovoltaic energy ventures in the state of Minas Gerais;

■ Advice to a shopping mall on the repossession of autonomous units due to default of purchase and sale agreements;

■ Legal advice to a Rio Grande do Sul-based developer on updating the draft template of purchase and sale of autonomous units due to new legislation on real estate development.