Our Restructuring and Insolvency team comprises professionals with vast experience in the field and a solid academic background. Our lawyers provide support to debtors and creditors involved in the judicial and extrajudicial reorganization of companies, bankruptcies and extrajudicial liquidations (such as those of cooperatives, among others). The team also provides services regarding debt restructuring, negotiations with debtors or creditors (such as financial institutions, suppliers and unions) and credit recovery, besides having relevant experience handling operations involving distressed assets. The expertise of our professionals includes providing consultancy on how to better deal with companies facing economic and financial difficulties.

Among the main activities developed by the area, the following jobs also stand out:

• Representation of an agribusiness company in the judicial reorganization of Camera Agroalimentos S.A.;
• Representation of a company in the energy sector in the judicial reorganization of Usina Pau D’Alho;
• Representation of an electronics company in the judicial recoveries of the following companies: Dismar – Distribuidora Maringá de Eletrodomésticos Ltda., Markoeletro – Comércio de Eletrodomésticos, Sociedade Comercial e Importadora Hermes S.A., Merkur Editora Ltda. and Officer S.A. Distribuidora de Produtos de Tecnologia;
• Representation of a Chinese oil and grain processing company in the liquidation process of Cotrijuí – Cooperativa Agropecuária & Industrial;
• Representation of companies in the fields of machinery and tools, and of real estate investments in the judicial recoveries of SM Metalurgia Ltda. and Sudmetal Indústria Metalúrgica S.A.;
• Representation of a Chinese civil construction company in the judicial reorganization of Inepar S/A and of its subsidiaries;
• Representation of a renewable energy company in the judicial reorganization of Dedini S.A. Indústria de Base;
• Representation of an agricultural seeds company in the judicial reorganization of Giovelli e Cia. Ltda.;
• Representation of an international financial institution in the bankruptcy of Chapecó Companhia Indústria de Alimentos and S.A. Indústria e Comércio Chapecó;
• Representation of an airline in the bankruptcy of Faster Brasex Transportes e Logística Ltda., Faster Logistics Ltda. and Faster Road Express Ltda.;
• Consultancy to an international manufacturer of machinery and transport and delivery equipment in the acquisition of assets from companies that are facing judicial reorganization;
• Consultancy to an international fund that holds significant shares of the capital of a public company that is facing judicial reorganization;
• Consultancy to a mining company on the best practices to negotiate with companies in financial and economic distress, including companies in judicial and extrajudicial reorganization;
• Legal advice to a construction company on matters concerning the default of a company facing judicial reorganization in a consortium;
• Representation of a drugstore chain in its extrajudicial reorganization, which came to be known as the first ever extrajudicial reorganization in Brazil;
• Assistance to an oil and gas company in a debt reorganization involving R$ 100,000,000.00;
• Representation of the debtors in the judicial reorganization of ELO Sistemas Eletrônicos S.A., TISZ Participações S.A., ELO Eletrônica Amazônia Ltda. and ESESA Participações Societárias S.A.;
• Legal advice on the restructuring of the assets of a cooperative in the state of Rio Grande do Sul in an extrajudicial liquidation.