Being aware that the union movement has been facing challenges and developing its performance in all segments, Souto Correa has developed and organized its structure gathering experienced professionals, with a multidisciplinary approach, specialized in negotiations and various branches of law and business, thereby enhancing the quality of its services towards demands associated with or affected by the relationship between companies and unions.

Thus, to achieve better results in collective negotiation, by adopting a proactive stance and a global perspective of each of our clients’ businesses, we seek to contribute with the development and implementation of strategies aimed at overcoming the difficulties imposed by the union’s actions. Therefore, rather than simply managing the negotiation, we work aligned and closely with these businesses to identify opportunities and provide solutions to assure the maintenance of their productive activities and an improvement in their results. To this end, our professionals usually interact with representatives of various departments of our clients – such as Legal, Operations, Resources, Human Resources, Business, and Finance.

Our negotiation team is currently staffed by Paulo Souto, Patricia Alves, Joel Gallo, Eduardo Mascarenhas and Manoela Pascal, all with extensive experience and expertise in the subject. As a distinguished negotiator of union relations and negotiation issues, Paulo Souto is graduated in Harvard Negotiation and Leadership program and is rated as an “experienced negotiator“, besides being “noted for his stellar work in relation to the management of strikes and collective dismissals” (Legal 500). The entire team is highlighted in several rankings, such as “Análise Advocacia”, Leaders League, WWL, and Legal 500.