Souto Correa has a team with extensive experience in handling issues related to the  telecommunications sector. Among the main activities, we highlight:

–  advice on regulation issued by Anatel, Ministry of Communications, Ancine, Ministry of Justice and Senacon;

– assessment of public consultations and elaboration of clients’ respective positions;

– elaboration of legal opinions involving regulatory matters;

– advice on grant of licenses and license renewals;

– negotiation and review of commercial and corporate agreements related to the industry (i.e content applications, licensing of audiovisual content to distributors, technical solutions to support telecom services, infrastructure sharing and those related to the development of new partnerships on strategic issues);

– participation in all phases of radiofrequency auctions, including 700 MHz and 5G Auction;

– assessment of regulatory obligations deployed by administrative entities on behalf of Anatel;

– defense in Anatel’s administrative and judicial proceedings, including tax and labor;

– legal structuring of deals, including M&As and deals on segmentation of passive infrastructure;

– advise on relationship with government, industry and international bodies pertaining to the sector and on federal/state/municipal legislative processes;

– drafting and review of submissions to WTO case related to telecom;

– advice on the development of self-regulatory codes, best practices and governance policies, including those aimed at privacy and data protection;

– due diligences as after post-privatization period;

– advice to non-profit entities of the sector.