23.07.2019 - The end of intra-EU investment arbitration? Joana Holzmeister e Castro The 2018 decision in Achmea[1] took the arbitration world by storm, spurring a debate across all European countries regarding investment treaty arbitration. In its judgment, the Court of Justice of the […]
12.07.2019 - The rise of Asia and its impact on international commercial disputes: the known knowns, the known unknowns and the unknown unknowns Guilherme Rizzo Amaral[1] Introduction International Commercial Arbitration went through a great expansion in the 1980s and 1990s, when an overwhelming number of players from all over the world, especially from the United States, joined traditionally […]
19.06.2019 - Odebrecht Bankruptcy to Hurt Brazilian State-Owned Banks Luis F. Spinelli Wall Street Journal 19/06/2019 BRASÍLIA—Brazil’s state-controlled banks are bracing for potentially heavy losses after Odebrecht SA, the construction conglomerate at the center of a regionwide corruption scandal, filed for the largest-ever bankruptcy […]
25.02.2019 - A Model Clause for a New Kind of Final Offer Arbitration in International Commercial Arbitration: the “Final Draft Award” Arbitration Guilherme Rizzo Amaral Kluwer Arbitration Blog 23/02/2019 A recent post discussed the upsides and downsides of the so-called Final Offer Arbitration (“FOA”) also known as Baseball Arbitration. In short, in an FOA, instead of crafting […]
06.12.2018 - A crise das livrarias: evidências e possíveis lições Rodrigo Tellechea Portal Jota 05/12/2018 Pedidos de RJ de Abril, Cultura e Saraiva exemplificam que tradição e marca não são capazes de estancar revolução tecnológica A história da civilização ocidental demonstra que os livros são […]
15.06.2018 - Firms expect more legal action from Brazil’s lorry driver strike Guilherme Rizzo Amaral Latin Lawyer 14/06/2018 Latin America’s biggest economy is slowly accelerating again after a lorry drivers’ strike brought the country to an abrupt halt, but the legal consequences may just be beginning, say […]
16.05.2018 - The Enforceability of Emergency Arbitrator’s Decisions under the New York Convention Erika Donin, Isabelle Bueno e Vitoria Campos Young Arbitration Review 10/05/2018 The emergency arbitrator is a growing institute in international arbitration which is used whenever an urgent matter arises prior to the constitution of an […]
26.04.2018 - Steel company wins injunction in fight over electricity price hikes Rômulo Mariani Latin Lawyer 04/04/2018 Souto, Correa, Cesa, Lummertz & Amaral Advogados has helped Mexican steel company Simec obtain a strategic injunction against the Brazilian government and electricity regulator ANEEL, which exempts it from paying […]
26.09.2017 - Burden of Proof and Adverse Inferences   Click here to access Guilherme Rizzo Amaral’s presentation on the XVI CBAr International Arbitration Conference.
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