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Timberland Agribusiness 08/10/2021
Published Decree that Regulates the Issuance of the Green Rural Product Note

On October 1, 2021, Decree nº 10.828 was published, which regulates the issuance of Rural Product Note, related to the conservation and recovery activities of native forests and their biomes, also known as the “Green Rural Product Note”.


The new Decree comes in force to establish standards for the Green Rural Product Note, whose creation was fixed after changes introduced by Law No. 13,986 of 2020 (Agribusiness Law), in Law 8,929 of 1994 (“Rural Product Note Law”), allowing the issuance of Rural Product Notes related to the conservation of native forests, biomes and environmentally sustainable activities.


According to the Decree, the issuance of Green Rural Product Note is authorized for rural products obtained through activities related to the conservation and recovery of native forests and their biomes that result in:

1. Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions;
2. Maintenance or increase of forest carbon stock;
3. Reducing deforestation and degradation of native vegetation;
4. Biodiversity conservation;
5. Conservation of water resources;
6. Soil conservation; or
7. Other ecosystem benefits.


It is worth mentioning that the Rural Product Note will be accompanied by third-party certification to indicate and specify the rural products that back it.


The Decree’s full text is available in the following link.


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