Souto Correa obtains victory against censorship and discrimination in the Brazilian book fair “Bienal do Livro”


Representing GL Events Exhibitions Ltda., Souto Correa Advogados has obtained an important victory at the Federal Supreme Court. The case stems from Rio de Janeiro’s mayor order to seize copies of Avengers: The Children’s Crusade, along with others containing LGBTQ content. The Marvel comic includes a kiss between two male characters. The mayor stated that the move intended to “defend the family”.

After a first injunction against the ban, granted by one of the State Appellate Court Judges from Rio de Janeiro, the President of said court overruled the injunction and upheld the mayor’s ban. Souto Correa then filed a request for injunction at the Federal Supreme Court and obtained, on Sunday, a favourable decision by Justice Gilmar Mendes, staying the mayor’s order (minutes earlier, another decision from the Supreme Court’s President has also stayed the mayor’s ban). The case was covered by the national and international press.