Commitment to Diversity

Respecting differences is an essential trait of our institutional culture. Souto Correa has formalizedits commitment to diversity by creating a specific committee in 2017 as part of the firm’s governance structure. The establishment of a group focusing on diversity seeks to align the firm with corporate governance principles and to further materialize one of the firm’s core values, which is “focus on people, they are a means and an end onto themselves”.


Souto Correa’s Diversity Committee main goals are to collect and gather internal firm data on gender, race and LGBT+ in addition to finding tools to deal with issues such as unconscious biases in hiring processes, career advancement and evaluation. Additionally, the group seeks to promote measures to increase diversity, raise awareness about the issue and promote respect for differences within the firm.


In 2019, the firm was recognized at the Chambers Diversity & Inclusion Awards: Latin America 2019, in the Outstanding Firm for Furthering Diversity and Inclusion category. In 2020, our partner Patrícia Alves has been shortlisted at the Chambers Diversity & Inclusion Awards: Latin America 2020 award, as Diversity & Inclusion Future Leader (Brazil). The award recognizes the efforts of companies and individuals to promote diversity and inclusion for the legal profession.


In 2022 Souto Correa Advogados signed a public commitment to the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs), an initiative established by UN Global Compact and UN Women. Led by ours Diversity Committee and Group of Gender Diversity Ambassadors , this action is our way of reinforcing our commitment to valuing people and diversity and promoting gender equality inside and outside the office. To further information about the topic, click here.


Selo WEP - Princípios do Empoderamento Feminino