Commercial Real Estate in Brazil – Published by Thomson Reuters


The article Commercial Real Estate in Brazil: Overview, which provides a global international guide to real estate regulation in several jurisdictions, was published by Thomson Reuters International Law Practice. The publication was prepared under the coordination of our partner Fábio Machado Baldissera and by members of the real estate area in association with other practice areas at Souto Correa Advogados.

The material is organized in a Questions & Answers format (Q&A) and is of interest to companies, investors, and legal scholars who want to understand Real Estate Law in Brazil. Among the analyzed issues are business questions, contracts, property sales, investment structures, real estate records and notes marking, real estate financing, taxation and environmental aspects. Download the full article:



The team

Fábio Machado Baldissera, Gilberto Deon Corrêa JuniorFelipe TremarinAngela Selencovich Padilla, Augusto BerchtGiácomo ParoJuliana Pretto Stangherlin, and Martha Termignoni.

Reproduction of Practical Law with editing permission. For more information: