Lucas Griebeler da Motta

Lucas Griebeler da Motta

Professional experience

Lucas da Motta represents national and international clients in administrative, competition, contractual and transactional matters. His practice focuses primarily on complex abuse of dominance investigations and merger notifications to the Brazilian Administrative council for economic defense (CADE).

He earned his LL.M. in Chicago, when he worked as an independent consultant for a multi-jurisdictional project on data-driven acquisitions in the technology sector and wrote the first expert report on the subject globally (in partnership with Data Privacy Brasil, Instituto Brasileiro de Defesa do Consumidor-IDEC and Open Society Foundations).  

His practice also includes corporate dissolutions, insider trading investigations, and arbitration and litigation involving building development, investment, licensing, technology transfer, privacy policies, and intellectual property violations. 



  • LL.M. Master of Laws from the University of Chicago (USA) – 2021;
  • Bachelor of Laws from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUC- RS)- 2015.



  • Book chapter (co-authored with Ricardo Ferreira Pastore): “Desafios aos desinvestimentos da Petrobras no mercado brasileiro de refino” [Challenges to Petrobras’ divestments in the Brazilian refining market]. In: Defesa da Concorrência: Um olhar contemporâneo sobre condutas unilaterais [Competition Defense: A contemporary look at unilateral conduct], Singular Publishing (2021). 
  • LL.M. dissertation: User behavior and market developments towards data protection in Comparative Political Economy: Regulation e-Journal, Vol 9, Issue 111 (2021). 
  • Independent expert report “Multi-jurisdictional analysis of data-centric acquisitions: current diagnosis and public policy proposals for Brazil”. Published by the Data Privacy Brazil Research Association (2021). 
  • Article “Why we should be careful about Google’s promises in the Fitbit deal in ProMarket”, Stigler Center for the Study of the Economy and the State at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business blog (2020). 
  • Journal Chapter: Antitruste, regulação setorial e a nova política de desinvestimentos da Petrobras: instrumentos para promoção da concorrência no mercado de gás natural [Antitrust, sectoral regulation and Petrobras new divestment policy: instruments for promoting competition in the natural gas market]. In: Revista do IBRAC no. 1 (2020). This article received a nationwide award at IBRAC and was praised by former President of CADE Court for its scientific and public policy contribution to Brazil at the 25th International Seminar on Competition Defense, 2019. 
  • Journal Chapter (co-authored with Gabriela da Costa Carvalho Forsman): Antitrust discrimination: where are we and what are the envisioned challenges for the future? In Conducts enforcement in Brazil: frequently asked questions (2019). 
  • Book chapter (co-authored with Caio Mário da Silva Pereira Neto): Condutas unilaterais: balanço e perspectivas após cinco anos de vigência da Lei nº 12.529/2011 [Unilateral conducts: assessment and perspectives after five years of effectiveness of Law No. 12.529/2011] in Evolução do Antitruste no Brasil, Editora Singular (2018). 
  • Book chapter (co-authored with Ricardo Ferreira Pastore and Renata Rossi Ignácio): Responsabilização solidária de cartelistas em ações indenizatórias: reflexões, limites e desafios in Livre concorrência e os tribunais brasileiros: análise crítica de julgados no Poder Judiciário envolvendo matéria concorrencial [Several liability of cartelists in indemnity actions: thoughts, limits and challenges on free competition and the Brazilian courts: critical review of judgments in the Judiciary involving competition matters]. (2018). 
  • Journal Chapter: Breve estudo sobre preocupações concorrenciais e remédios comportamentais em atos de concentração no mercado de TV por assinatura [A brief study on competition concerns and behavioral remedies in concentration acts in the pay-TV market]. In: Revista do IBRAC Vol. 23, no. 2 (2017). 
  • Journal Chapter (co-authored with Olavo Zago Chinaglia): Dialogue between vectors that guide the preservation of the company and the economic order as a foundation of the failing firm theory. In: Revista do Advogado – AASP, no. 131 (2016). 
  • Journal Chapter: Acesso a informações e provas relacionadas a acordos de leniência no âmbito de ações indenizatórias privadas à luz do Recurso Especial nº 1.554.986: ameaça aos carteis ou ao programa de leniência brasileiro? [Access to information and evidence related to leniency agreements in the scope of private indemnity actions in light of Special Appeal No. 1.554.986: a threat to cartels or to the Brazilian leniency program?]. In: Revista do IBRAC Vol. 22, nº 2, (2016). 


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