Lucas Garcia Martins

Lucas Garcia Martins

Professional experience

Lucas Martins specializes in business law with an emphasis on labor, technology, startups, and capital market issues.

His legal expertise extends to an assessment of business models and finding alternative solutions regarding the hiring of employees or service providers, including wage or compensation policies (stock options, profit sharing, bonuses, etc.); home-office; collective bargainings and health and safety issues.

He also leads cases in both the judicial and administrative sphere, handling individual and collective lawsuits, whether they are in the pre-procedural, pre-trial, appellate or enforcement phases.

He has been actively engaged in merger and acquisition operations, such as due diligences and corporate restructuring of national and international companies. As part of the multidisciplinary Startup Hub team, assists several startup entrepreneurs, accelerators and investors to legally structure their businesses, by planning and operationalizing their corporate, contractual and labor issues.



  • Postgrad in Business Law by Insper – 2021;
  • Labor Law with emphasis on business at Insper – 2019;
  • Law Graduate by Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul (PUC-RS) – 2018.



  • The Labor Reform regarding the app related jobs – Jornal Estadão (2022);
  • Loggi lawsuit reignites discussion on new labor relations – Jornal Estadão (2021);
  • Changes in the Brazilian NR 31 increase obligations for employers and rural workers – CONJUR (2020);
  • California’s elections define that app drivers do not have an employment relationship. How is the situation in Brazil? – Estadão Newspaper (2020);
  • Rehiring workers during the pandemic: Social and economic consequences – Jornal Estadão (2020);
  • Superior Labor Court acknowledges the transformations in the labor world – JOTA (2020).


Additional Activities

  • Associate and Legal Manager: Instituto de Formação de Líderes (IFLSP);
  • Member: Insper Angels;
  • Member: Souto Correa Team in the Brazilian Competition of Arbitration of CAMARB (2015 and 2016);
  • Member: PUCRS Team in the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot. Vis (2016).


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