Witor Flores da Silva

Witor Flores da Silva

Professional experience

Witor practices in the area of Consumer Law, both in judicial and extrajudicial settings, with an emphasis on strategic and complex legal dispute involving product liability and supplier civil liability.

In addition to his experience in strategic civil litigation, Witor participates in research projects focused on Comparative Law, International Law, and Consumer Protection Policies in various global regions, particularly highlighting member countries of Mercosur and the European Union.



Bachelor of Laws from UFRGS – Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (2022);

Master of Laws Candidate at DAAD-UFRGS-PUCRS in CDEA – Center for European and German Studies (2023-2025).



Received the CDEA 2024 Award to pursue International Academic Mobility as a Visiting Researcher at Justus-Liebig University Giessen, Germany (2024).

Awarded a Scientific Initiation Scholarship by CNPq in the area of Consumer Protection Policies dissemination in Africa, Asia, the Americas, and Australia (2019-2022).

Granted an Extension Scholarship by DAAD-UFRGS-PUCRS at the CDEA – Center for European and German Studies (2018-2019).



“Algorithmic Discrimination in the Context of Consumer Relations on Virtual E-commerce Platforms.” In Affirmative Policies for Inclusion and Racial Equity: Reflections on the Role of the Public and Private Sectors, edited by Daiesse Quênia Jaala Santos Bomfim, 297-310. Belo Horizonte: Fórum, 2023.


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