João Carlos Arieira Harres

João Carlos Arieira Harres

Professional experience

João Harres is an expert in intellectual property and concentrates his practice in the areas of information technology, entertainment, advertising, and intellectual property contracts.  

Before graduating as a lawyer, he was a member of the Legal and Business Affairs department of a record label company and a partner of an artist development agency. 

His practice includes negotiating, drafting, and reviewing contracts involving copyright, trademarks, franchising, image licensing, technology transfer, software, internet, free prize distribution, information technology services, data protection and privacy, advertising, entertainment, and media (music, TV and digital), as well as providing consultancy in these areas.
Having devoted himself to the study of topics concerning startups for more than five years, João is also a member of the multidisciplinary of the firm’s Startup Hub team, counseling companies in a wide range of matters.



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