Exclusively dedicated to this field of practice, the environmental team has vast experience providing consultancy services regarding compliance with environmental legislation, conducting due diligences and audits, the identification of opportunities and of the best solutions to impasses involving environmental matters. The lawyers in this team also represent clients in administrative and judicial proceedings concerning environmental matters, including monitoring civil inquiries, public civil actions and discussions with public authorities for the drafting of conduct-adjustment agreements, as well as providing assistance with environmental licensing. The team also participates in several discussion forums for the implementation of environmental policies at federal, state and municipal levels, such as environmental councils made up by government and by professional and business sector associations.

The diversified activities of this team encompass various sectors of the economy as well as strategic environmental issues, such as solid waste management and the implementation of reverse logistics; the management of contaminated areas and environmental liabilities; environmental licensing and technical registries of activities; the use of forest resources; intervention in or suppression of vegetation in Permanent Preservation Areas and Legal Reserves; the compatibility of production activities with Conservation Units; the management of surface and groundwater resources; the exploitation of mineral resources; the generation, distribution and transmission of electricity; sustainability practices; and mitigation and adaptation policies regarding climate change.

Among the main activities developed by the area, the following jobs also stand out:

• Assistance to one of the main investment banks in Latin America in operations related to their forest assets in Brazil, involving due diligences, environmental licensing and the Rural Environmental Registry (Cadastro Ambiental Rural – CAR);
• Representation in public civil actions and in individual lawsuits involving electricity distributors and the environmental remediation of contaminated areas;
• Assistance to a computer manufacturer regarding compliance of its plants with environmental legislation and in discussions aiming at the implementation of reverse logistics nationwide;
• Consultancy to a private shipping company in the environmental licensing of a marine terminal and a cargo distribution center;
• Assistance to a chain of retail stores in several matters regarding environmental law, such as preparing the defense against notices of infraction, tending to notifications and to requests made by public agencies, preparing Solid Waste Management Plans and assisting with environmental licensing;
• Defense of a pesticide manufacturer in a public civil action involving purported environmental damage and harm to consumers allegedly caused by manufacturing in breach of the rules stipulated by regulatory bodies;
• Consultancy to a tobacco company regarding the risks of environmental liabilities in the sale of industrial real estate. The work encompassed everything from monitoring the investigation to the development of contractual clauses and changes to the environmental licenses;
• Representation of a wind power company in a public civil action in which the Public Prosecutor’s Office was seeking to suspend the environmental licenses the company had been granted;
• Assistance in the assessment of the legal requirements regarding permanent preservation areas, vegetation compensation and the urban aspects to have environmental licenses issued for a sustainable neighborhood;
• Assistance to a company in the pulp and paper sector in complying with a Conduct-Adjustment Agreement involving environmental licensing and the regularization of the legal reserve of owned areas and partner areas, as well as in negotiations with the Public Prosecutor’s Office regarding approximately 25,000 hectares of land;
• Assistance in striking a deal with federal and state environmental agencies and with the Public Prosecutor’s Office in the judgement phase of a public civil action that discussed the installation of a residential housing development on the coast;
• Consultancy to a civil construction association in the identification and interpretation of new environmental regulations, preparing reports on conflicts between regional and federal legislation regarding vegetation compensation, and on the exploration and use of the Brazilian rain forest biome, on the characterization of wetlands and the requirements for the specific characterization of swamps; as well as representing the association before the environmental authorities.