The firm provides consultancy services regarding compliance with environmental legislation, and the identification of the best solutions to conflicts involving environmental matters. The team also assists with environmental administrative and legal proceedings, including civil inquiries and public civil actions, negotiating settlements with public authorities, and providing assistance with environmental licensing and due diligence.

The lawyers actively participate in several round tables of representative productive sectors and regarding environmental policy implementation across federal, state and municipal levels.  The team’s experience spans a wide range of economic sectors and strategic environmental issues such as solid waste management and implementation of reverse logistics; management of contaminated areas and environmental liabilities; risk prevention and management of environmental accidents; environmental licensing and technical records; exploitation of forest resources including intervention in Permanent Preservation Areas, Legal Reserves and other legally protected areas; management of surface and underground water resources; exploitation of mineral and energy resources and compatibility with environmental preservation; sustainability practices.

“(…) expertise in solid waste management and reverse logistics. (…) Fabiana Figueiró is the name that stands out” (Legal 500).


Recent representations

■ Legal advice to a forestry corporation regarding judicial and consultancy matters in cases involving waste and chemical product management, which included: due diligence; environmental license permits; representation in civil inquiries and general consultancy on compliance with environmental legislation.
■ General assistance to one of the main investment banks in Latin America, including due diligence for purchase and sale agreements, revision of the environmental aspects of contracts, representation in civil inquiries and administrative proceedings and in operations related to their forestry assets in Brazil, including environmental licensing and the Cadastro Ambiental Rural – CAR (Rural Environmental Registry) .
■ Representation in a Civil Class Action regarding alleged environmental damage due to the activities of a fertilizer factory.
■ Representation of one of the world’s largest electronic retail companies in administrative procedures, civil inquiries and in negotiations with public authorities and other companies regarding the national policy on solid waste management (Law No. 12.305/2012).
■ Defence of a pesticide manufacturer in a public civil action involving purported environmental damage and harm to consumers.
■ Consultancy to a tobacco company regarding the risks of environmental liabilities in the sale of industrial real estate.
■ Successful representation of a wind power company in a public civil action in which the Public Prosecutor’s Office was seeking to annul environmental licences.
■ Assistance to a company in the pulp and paper sector in complying with a Conduct Adjustment Agreement involving environmental licensing and the regularization of the legal reserve of plots of land, besides negotiations with the Public Prosecutor’s Office regarding approximately 25,000 hectares of land.
■ Legal advice to companies involved in buying and selling contaminated areas and in environmental licensing of real estate projects in areas with environmental liabilities;
■ Advice to one of the largest container ports in the country in defense against an infraction notice for alleged pollution and in preventive measures of criminal-environmental order.
■ Advice to an agrochemicals manufacturer in civil investigations involving alleged environmental damage resulting from the improper application of such products.
■ Consultancy to an electronics manufacturer in matters involving export and import of components rated as dangerous to be transported by land, air and water modes.
■ Advice to a company in the energy sector on legal aspects involving signing a commitment agreement regarding the payment of environmental compensation amounts established in the licensing terms within the National System of Conservation Units legislation.
■ Environmental consulting regarding acquisition and licensing of electricity sector ventures such as photovoltaic plants, wind farms and biomass plants in several regions across the country.
■ Defense of a marketplace platform management firm against environmental and regulatory agencies and negotiation of a Consent Decrees with the Department of Public Prosecution in a case of agrochemicals sold via the platform.