Eduardo Rodrigues Evangelista

Eduardo Rodrigues Evangelista

Professional experience

Since 2012, Eduardo has focused his practice on matters related to Energy Law, providing specialized advice on regulatory, transactional and contentious matters, in the segments of generation (including distributed micro and mini generation), transmission, distribution, commercialization and consumption of electrical energy.



• Master’s in administrative law from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC-SP)

• Specialization in Sustainable Development and Environmental Law from the Brasília University (UNB/DF)

• Extension in Public Contracts, Public Service Concessions and Police Power from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC/SP)

• Bachelor of Laws from the Institute of Legal and Social Sciences Prof. Camillo Filho (ICF/PI)



• Neoconstitutionalism as the legal basis of the Democratic State of Law, and its reflexes on the rule of law. Defense on 03.19.2015. 120 pages. Dissertation. The Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo. Sao Paulo-SP.

• Improper framing of irregularities and penalties imposed by ANEEL based on the generic conduct described in Article 6º, I, of ANEEL Resolution No. 63/2004. PSR – Energy Report. Edition 96. December/2014.

• REIDI: possibility of enjoying the benefit of access and connection investments implemented by generators and transferred to concessionaires that are accessed by legal imposition. PSR – Energy Report. Edition 90. May/2014.

•  Supremacy of public interest over private. Governet Bulletin of Public Administration and Municipal Management, Curitiba/PR, year 3, n. 26, November/2013, p. 1572.

• The new rules of the electricity sector and the free market – Tax aspects. PSR – Energy Report. Edition 76. March/2013.

• The social function of property and the concept of the principle of law. Jus Navigandi, Teresina, year 18, n. 3628, 7 Jun. 2013. Available at: <>.

• EVANGELISTA, Eduardo. MAGALHÃES, Gerusa. MARINANI, Rômulo (organizers). Green Hydrogen: Legal, Regulatory and Technical Perspectives. Rio de Janeiro: Editora Synergia, 2023.



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