Claudio Michelon specializes in the law of contracts and torts, possessing vast experience developing and implementing successful strategies in high-complexity litigation, both before Brazilian courts and in arbitral tribunals. His expertise in conducting litigation of that sort was forged over the many years representing numerous clients ranging from leading companies (in particular in the technology and energy sectors) to foreign governmental agencies with interests to be protected in Brazil.

Claudio is also an accomplished academic, having held visiting positions at many universities, including Oxford University, Pompeo Fabra University and the University of Sassari and having published a wide range on books and articles in Brazil and abroad. He has taught at Edinburgh Law School since 2007 and, since 2015, holds its “Philosophy of Law” chair.

• LL.B. Bachelor of Laws (Universidade Federal do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul, 1993).
• Master’s degree in Law (Universidade Federal do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul, 1996).
• PhD in Law (Edinburgh University, 2001).

Chair of “Philosophy of Law” at Edinburgh Law School. 
British Academy Visiting Fellow. 
HLA Hart Visiting Fellow at Oxford University.
Young Scholar Prize (IVR, 2001).


Books published
Michelon Being Apart from Reasons: The Role of Reasons in Public and Private Decision-Making Dordrecht: Springer.
• Michelon Direito Restituitório: Enriquecimento sem Causa, Pagamento Indevido, Gestão de Negócios São Paulo: Revista dos Tribunais.
Michelon Aceitação e Objetividade São Paulo: Revista dos Tribunais.


Books edited
Michelon and Amaya (eds) The Faces of Virtue in Law (Routledge, 2020). 
Michelon and Del Mar (eds) The Anxiety of the Jurist (Ashgate, 2016).
MichelonMacAmhlaigh and Walker (eds) After Public Law (Oxford University Press, 2013).
• Michelon e outros (eds) The Public in Law (Ashgate, 2012).


Edited Journal Special Issues 
Law, Polity, and the Legacy of Statehood (2018) Icon Vol 16, issue 4. (Read more)
Virtue and the Law Jurisprudence vol 9, issue 1. (Read more)


Recent Articles in refereed Journals 
Michelon (2019) The Inference to the Best Legal Explanation 29(4) Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 878-900.  
Michelon (2018) What has Private Law ever done for Justice? 22(3) Edinburgh Law Review Vo 22, issue 3, 329-34. 
Michelon; L Duarte d’Almeida, (2017) L The Structure of Arguments by Analogy in Law  31(2) Argumentation, 359-393. 


Recent Book Chapters 
Michelon (2020) Legal Reasoning (Virtues) in P Mindus, S Kirste, M Sellers (eds) IVR Encyclopedia for the Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy 
Michelon (2019) A inferência à melhor explicação e a autoridade da doutrina in Direito, Cultura, Método. Beck Varela e outros (edRJGZ Editora, p. 3-26. 
Michelon (2013) The Public, The Private, and the Law in After Public Law (Oxford: Oxford University Press), p. 83-100. 
• Michelon (2012, 2021Practical Wisdom in Legal Reasoning in Amaya, A (ed) Virtues and the Law (Oxford: Hart Publishers), p. 29-51. 
• Republished in Direito, Razão e Argumento Daniel Mitidiero and Pedro Adamy (eds)São PauloJuspudium/Malheiros, 2021 
• Michelon (2012, 2014, 2020The Public nature of Private Law? In The Public in Law (Aldershot: Ashgate) p.195-206.
• Translated to Spanish by Joaquín Reyes Barros and published as (2020) La Naturaleza Pública del Derecho Privado? 7 Latin American Studies 3-17.
• Translated to Portuguese by Gustavo Sanseverino as (2014) A Natureza (Pública) do Direito Privado  in J Martins-Costa and V de Fradera (eds) Estudos de Direito Privado e Processual Civil em Homenagem a Clóvis do Couto e Silva (São Paulo, RT). 

additional activities
Secretary General of the International Association for Legal and Social Philosophy (IVR), between 2007 and 2011.
• Co-Editor of Routledge’s Critical Studies in Jurisprudence” book series. (Read more)
• Member of the Editorial Board of the Springer’s “Law and Philosophy Library” book series. 
• Member of the editorial board of numerous Journals among which Diritto & Questioni Pubbliche (Italy), Direito, Estado e • Sociedade (Brazil)Revista Brasileira de Filosofia (Brazil).