Cláudio Michelon

Cláudio Michelon

Professional experience

Cláudio Michelon has solid expertise developing and implementing strategies to protect clients’ interests in highly complex litigation in both the judicial and arbitral arenas. 

In recent years, he has focused on preparing legal opinions for clients involved in judicial and arbitral proceedings in Brazil and in other countries.  



  • PhD in Law from Edinburgh University (UK) – 2001;
  • Bachelor of Laws from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) – 1996;
  • Bachelor of Law and Social Sciences from UFRGS – 1993,




  • Being Apart from Reasons: The Role of Reasons in Public and Private Moral Decision-Making. Dordrecht: Springer, 2006;
  • Direito Restituitório [The Law of Restitution]. São Paulo: Revista dos Tribunais, 2006;
  • Aceitação e Objetividade [Acceptance and Objectivity]. São Paulo: Revista dos Tribunais, 2004. (179).


Edited books 

  • Michelon, C; Amaya, A the Faces of Virtue in Law London: Routledge, 2020;
  • Michelon, C; MacAmhlaigh, C; Walker, N (eds) After Public Law Oxford University Press, 2013;
  • Michelon, C; Del Mar, M. (eds) The Anxiety of the Jurist Ashgate, 2013;
  • Michelon, C, and others (eds) The Public in Law Ashgate, 2012.


Selection of recently published articles and books 

  • The Use of Precedents in legal argument in Philosophical Foundations of Precedent (Org. por T. Endicott, H. Kristjansson, S. Lewis eds.), Oxford University Press, (forthcoming, 2002);
  • Primary Duty = Secondary Duty? In Private Law and Practical Reason (Org. por H. Psarras and S. Steel) Oxford University Press, 2022, p. 227-242;
  • Legal Inquiry and Legal Argumentation (accepted by Netherlands Journal of Legal Philosophy, forthcoming, 2022)
  • The Inference to the Best Legal Explanation 29(4) Oxford Journal of Legal Studies (2019), p. 878-900;
  • What has Private Law ever done for Justice? 22(3) Edinburgh Law Review (2018), p. 329-46.


Additional Activities

  • Visiting Fellow at the British Academy – 2007;
  • HLA Hart Visiting Fellow at Oxford University – 2007;
  • Secretary-General of the International Association for Legal and Social Philosophy – 2007/2011;
  • Visiting Professor at several Universities (Sassari – 2012; Pompeu Fabra – 2018; Sydney – 2022).


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