06.11.2020 - Eleições na Califórnia definem que motoristas de aplicativos não possuem vínculo de emprego. E no Brasil, como está a situação?   Manoela Pascal e Lucas Martins 06/11/20 – ESTADÃO   Em paralelo às eleições presidenciais, com aproximadamente 58% dos votos[1], os eleitores da Califórnia/USA aprovaram, através de plesbicito realizado na última terça-feira (3/11/2020), a chamada […]
04.11.2020 - Observations Regarding The Use of Blockchain by the Brazilian Public Administration   Laura Isabelle Guzzo 28/10/20   In recent years, there has been a notable rise of technological developments in a wide range of areas of society. In addition to these developments, we have been adapting […]
27.10.2020 - Agency Q&A – Thomson Reuters – Practical law   Several attorneys from Souto Correa worked in co-authorship on the key-issues involving Agency Agreements in Brazil for the Thomson Reuters Practical Law platform. The work is in Q&A format analyzes the main issues related to agency […]
06.10.2020 - Standard Clauses “Boilerplate” agreement: Brazil – Part 01   Erika Donin Dutra, Luiza Coelho Guindani e João Carlos Harres Thomson Reuters – Practical Law – Country Q&A   It was published by Thomson Reuters’s Practical Law platform an article entitled “Part 1 – […]
17.06.2020 - Approaching the Chinese Civil Code: explanatory note and structure   Luís Alberto Salton Peretti (裴汉哲) 15/06/2020 In 1911, while still ruled by the Qing dynasty, China developed a provisional civil code, promulgated in 1929 under the Republic of China. Since the foundation of the […]