Juliana Pretto Stangherlin

Juliana Pretto Stangherlin

Professional experience

Juliana Stangherlin provides legal counseling to national and international clients in the areas of forestry and reforestation and pulp and paper, as well as in conducting due diligence and compliance audits.  

She is fully involved in consultancy, follow-up of civil investigation and lawsuits involving topics such as environmental licensing, solid waste, environmental liabilities, and forestry matters.  

In addition, she regularly assists organizations engaged in the discussion of environmental issues of relevance to the business sector. 



  • MBA – Environmental Management and Sustainability (FGV, 2013);
  • Specialist in National and International Environmental Law (UFRGS, 2008);
  • Bachelor of Law (PUCRS, 2006).



  • Cota de reserva ambiental: oportunidade de renda [Environmental reserve share: income opportunity]. Zero Hora Newspaper , February 2019; 
  • Imóveis rurais: afinal, qual o status do CAR e do PRA? [Rural properties: after all, what is the status of CAR and PRA?]. Estadão, January 2019;
  • Acordo de Paris e COP 22: Desafio para os próximos anos [Paris Agreement and COP 22: Challenge for the coming years]. Canal Energia, November 2016 (co-authored); 
  • A corrida para o CAR e seus desafios [The race for CAR and its challenges]. Zero Hora Newspaper, April 2016- Enfim, o Cadastro Ambiental Rural [At last, the Rural Environmental Registry]. Portal agropecuário DBO, May 2014;
  • Novo capítulo para o Código Florestal [A new chapter for the Forest Code]. Jornal do Comércio, October 2013;
  • Cadastro obrigatório de atividades poluidoras ainda apresenta incertezas [Mandatory registration of polluting activities still poses uncertainties]. Jornal do Comércio, August 2013;
  • Advertisements With Sustainability Appeal Shall Observe Conar´s New Rules, Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance (GALA Gazette), October 2011.


Additional Activities

  • Founding member of the Brazilian Union of Environmental Lawyers (UBAA);
  • Director of the Rio Grande do Sul Association of Corporate Environmental Lawyers (AGAAE);
  • Coordinator of the Social-Environmental Committee of the Union of Renewable Energy Industries of Rio Grande do Sul (SINDIENERGIA);
  • Member of the Legal Division of Federasul;
  • Member of the Social-Environmental Committee of the Union of Renewable Energy Industries of Rio Grande do Sul (SINDIENERGIA) – 2018/2020; 
  • Member of the Sustainability Strategic Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM/POA);
  • Member of the Agriculture and Forestry Discussion Forum of the Brazil, Climate, Forestry and Agriculture Coalition; 
  • Member of the Forest Code Working Group of the Brazil, Climate, Forests and Agriculture Coalition – 2016/2017;
  • Member of the Environmental Management Interest Group of AMCHAM/POA – 2018;
  • Lecturer in the Specialist Program in Rural and Environmental Law Applied to Agribusiness at the Universal Institute of Marketing in Agribusiness (I-UMA) – 2018/2019; 
  • Member of the Environmental Law Committee of the OAB of the State of Rio Grande do Sul.



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