Brazil – Country record on trademark filings

Leticia Provedel

INTA Bulletin – February 1, 2011
The Brazilian industry appears to be fully recovered from the world crisis of 2008, at least as regards Intellectual Property aspects. According to a recent official announcement made by the Brazilian Trademark Office, the number of trademark filings in Brazil raised considerably in 2010, from an estimate 111.724 applications in 2009 to a total of 129.620, which corresponds to a 16% growth.

Over the last decade, Brazil experienced a total increase of almost 40% in the number of trademark filings. In the year 2010, the number of Brazilian trademark applications set a new record, with an estimate 4,7% more filings than 2008, which had been considered Brazil’s best year.

The numbers also indicate that the recently adopted e-filing system has greatly contributed for the increase of trademark filings. Online applications have grown at a rate of 20% over 2010, towards a 3% increase in paper filings. According to the numbers recently issued by the Brazilian PTO, 91.119 trademark filings have been made through the online system, which corresponds to 70,3% of the fresh applications, as opposed to a total 38.501 (29,7%) of the total 129.620 new filings.

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