Júlio César Costa Ferro

Júlio César Costa Ferro

Professional experience

Júlio is a professional in the dispute resolution practice area of Souto Correa, where he focuses on strategic litigation before judicial courts and arbitration panels. His experience includes complex and high-stakes disputes involving corporate and contractual matters, particularly in the energy, construction, technology, and agribusiness markets. Júlio has substantial expertise both in Brazilian courts (including superior courts) and arbitrations handled by the most relevant arbitrations institutions with activities in Brazil, such as ICC, CAM-CCBC, CIESP/FIESP, and CAMARB.

In addition to his experience handling disputes, Júlio has been active in litigation derived from corporate investigations, compliance and reputational due diligence, divestitures conducted by major international media and telecom media conglomerates, domestic and cross-border M&A transactions and corporate organizations. Júlio has also acted as a secretary for sophisticated arbitrations in Brazil.



  • MBA in Accounting and Finance – FIPECAFI (in progress).
  • Master of Laws in Corporate Law – University of São Paulo (USP), 2022.
  • Bachelor of Laws – Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS), 2015.



  • Coauthor of “Conflito de competência e arbitragem: a evolução do entendimento do Superior Tribunal de Justiça” [Conflict of jurisdiction and arbitration: the evolution of the understanding of the Superior Court of Justice] published in the collective work “Temas de mediação e arbitragem” (2022).
  • Coauthor of “O desafio das arbitragens de múltiplos contratos no Brasil” [The challenge of multi-contract arbitrations in Brazil], published in NewGen Blog of CAM-CCBC (2023).
  • Coauthor of “O interesse de agir no incidente de desconsideração da personalidade jurídica: a relação entre interesse e insolvência” [The interest to act in the incident of disregarding legal personality: the relationship between interest and insolvency], published in Revista da Defensoria Pública do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul, v. 2, No. 31 (2022).
  • Coauthor of “M&A Litigation. Getting the Deal Through” (2018).
  • Coauthor “Breves contribuições ao estudo da propriedade acionária nas companhias brasileiras” [Brief contributions to the study of share ownership in Brazilian companies], published in Revista Síntese Direito Empresarial, v. 46 (2015).


Addictional Activities

  • Professor in the postgraduate course in Business Law at the Institute of Juridical Sciences – ICJUR.
  • Member of the Brazilian Arbitration Committee – CBAr.
  • Member of NewGen – CAM-CCBC.


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