Souto Correa’s Compliance area is composed of a multidisciplinary team which is connected to other practice areas of the firm, especially labor , corporate, capital markets, regulatory and corporate criminal law. Our qualified team of attorneys assists our clients in implementing, managing, and improving compliance programs in addition to conducting and providing consultancy with internal investigations for the verification of irregularities or for leniency or cooperation agreements.

Our practice aims to harmonise corporate interests with the global trend of promoting a culture of compliance. Accordingly, the firm keeps a close eye on good Corporate Governance principles and on the frequent legislative updates and actions taken by inspection agencies (Public Ministry, COAF, CGU, TCU, CVM, ANVISA etc.), so as to provide support to companies of all sizes and sectors in both domestic and international regulatory scenarios.

In addition, the firm considers the particularities of each sector in which our clients operate, with wide experience in the energy, oil and gas, health, life science, education, and investment fund sectors.

Our high-quality legal counseling services include the following:

  • Develop compliance strategy and action plans and secure leadership engagement;      
  • Support in creating internal committees;          
  • Map and assess risks (Compliance Risk Assessment – CRA);        
  • Draft and refine Codes of Conduct and other policies and internal processes on business practices, anti-corruption and money laundering, work environment, information management, data protection, privacy, relationship with partners, government and third parties, and internal investigations; 
  • Implement and refine hotline and guidance channels for employees and third parties;
  • Promote and train on face-to-face and virtual programs of compliance and integrity, anti-corruption, cyber and related matters, in line with the client’s core business;
  • Periodic monitoring and review of these programs and development of action plans;
  • Provide reports and performance metrics to meet internal and regulatory agency requirements;            
  • Guidance on legislative updates such as anticorruption, money laundering prevention, data protection, workplace standards, information management, antitrust, environmental etc.;
  • Perform due diligence and background checks of third parties in commercial and corporate transactions (M&A) and projects of any other nature;
  • Review contracts and specific clauses in protection of the company’s business;
  • Plan, conduct or support corporate investigations before authorities or for the verification of internal irregularities and disciplinary and legal accountability;
  • Assist international clients in the Brazilian phases of any internal investigations that may have been initiated abroad;
  • Plan, conduct and support internal investigations for instruction of leniency and plea bargaining agreements;
  • Conduct risk assessment and crisis management processes related to fraud, corruption, labor, union, corporate and regulatory infractions;
  • Prepare or review conclusive reports of internal investigations, supported by technical-legal opinions on the penalties that may apply to the actors in the civil, labor, criminal and administrative fields;
  • Negotiate leniency and plea-bargaining agreements, non-prosecution agreements, and consent decrees.


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