Capital Markets

Capital Markets

Souto Correa’s Capital Markets team has many years of experience in capital market operations by participating in public offerings of securities, including IPOs, follow-on and take-over bids, debentures (including incentive debentures), commercial notes, investment fund shares, participating in securitization transactions, such as real estate receivables certificates, agribusiness receivables certificates, and debt restructuring.

Our professionals also participate in the structuring of investment funds, such as real estate investment funds (FII, FIAGRO, FIDC, FIP and FI-Infra), providing assistance to officers, managers, consultants and investors.

Our practice covers all sectors of the economy in several areas of the capital markets, including counseling to national and international companies and financial institutions.

Moreover, our practice includes consultancy to regulated agents and investors in complying with regulatory requirements, in addition to lawsuits, administrative procedures and queries before regulatory and self-regulatory market agencies. Our team conducts sanctioning proceedings before the Securities and Exchange Commission of Brazil (CVM), the Central Bank, and BSM Supervisão de Mercados, including negotiating settlement agreements, filing administrative defenses, and representing clients in lawsuits or arbitration proceedings whose background is in relationships within capital or financial markets.

Recent Representations

  • Several debenture issues (including subsidised debentures) of companies in the electric power sector;
  • Structuring of an investment fund in agricultural-industrial productive chains – FIAGRO and public offering of the first issue of fund quotas;
  • Several public offerings, with restricted efforts, of real estate investment funds – FII;
  • Public offering, with restricted efforts, of investment fund quotas in agricultural-industrial productive chains – FIAGRO;
  • Public offering, with restricted efforts, of investment fund quotas in agricultural-industrial productive chains – FI-Infra);
  • Public offering, with restricted efforts, of certificates of agribusiness receivables – CRA;
  • Public offering, with restricted efforts, of certificates of real estate receivables – CRI;
  • Going public and registration at CVM as issuer of category B securities;
  • Legal counselling to a copper producer in the migration from Level 1 of B3 Corporate Governance to New Market (Novo Mercado);
  • Legal counselling to a utility company of electric energy distribution in the presentation of a Public Acquisition Offer (OPA) of shares from minority shareholders;
  • Structuring of a share exchange transaction between the controlling shareholder and a significant minority shareholder, with a Public Acquisition Offer of to increase shareholding interest to be directed to the other minority shareholders; and
  • Defense of officers in administrative proceedings before the CVM regarding the accusation of not rotating independent auditors.
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