German Desk

German Desk

Business relations between Brazil and Germany have been strong and steady since the dawn of German immigration to Brazil almost two centuries ago. Each country is a relevant trade partner to the other for imports and exports.

In addition, direct investment German companies have made in Brazil is significant, and Brazil is one of the countries with more German companies outside the Germany territory. In light of this scenario, Souto Correa Advogados relies on a German Desk dedicated to meeting the demands of companies from these countries in their dealings, whether German companies with interests in Brazil or Brazilians seeking to operate in Germany.

Souto Correa’s German Desk comprises lawyers from many different practice areas of law who are familiar with the European, and in particular, German business culture and legal environment. Many are fluent in German, and some have lived or completed their studies in Germany, thus ensuring a unique service to our clients.

The legal services provided by the German Desk include consultancy and litigation in all practice areas of law, including the incorporation and structuring of new businesses, investment and risk analysis, corporate transactions, distribution agreements, consumer relations, tax efficiency studies, import and export, due diligence regulatory aspects, intellectual property, timberland investments, agribusiness, sustainability, ESG and environmental law, wealth planning and succession.

Our lawyers in the German Desk also have strong ties with German culture, participating in German chambers of commerce and associations.

Recent representation and counseling to:

  • A large German motor tool industry in litigation, contractual and product liability related matters.
  • An important German investment bank in corporate matters regarding a related company based in Brazil.
  • An important German pharmaceutical company in matters related to the liability for one of its core products.
  • Clients in several international recalls from German companies.
  • A German industry of products for photovoltaic power plants in its supply agreements.
  • A German multinational chemical company in managing soil and groundwater contamination at one of its plants.
  • Counseling to a German tool company on environmental issues related to reverse logistics.
  • A German large engine industry in commercial disputes against Brazilian clients. 
  • A consortium of a German developer in the construction of a major infrastructure project.
  • Several Brazilian companies of German origin in many different segments.
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