Asian Desk

Asian Desk

The 21st Century is witness to the global emergence of Asia, which strongly influences Brazil. The East is an increasing presence in the daily lives of Brazilian companies.

In view of their different legal, corporate, and cultural traditions, the growing interconnection of the Brazilian economy with that of Asian countries offers a number of business opportunities, but also imposes challenges that should be detected and managed in order to guarantee the success of any initiatives between partners based in such scenarios.

In particular, any negotiations with Asia to attract investments, establish commercial partnerships, or ship products and services to the East demand drafting contracts, setting up companies and their tax structuring, and preventing and managing disputes considering the characteristics of these countries and the business relationship between Asia and Brazil.

Representing Asian clients in Brazil and Brazilian clients in Asia has been an integral part of our work at Souto Correa Advogados since the firm was founded in 2013. Since then, our firm has been assisting Asian clients to set up businesses in Brazil, by offering support in all areas of business law, as well as Brazilian clients in their initiatives that involve Asia.

With a team of lawyers who have lived in and are familiar with the language and culture of China, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea, our professionals work for clients from many of these territories, maintain an ongoing interest in Asia, and regularly visit these partners (clients and representing offices) in Asia.

Recent Representations

  • Legal counseling to a Korean computer and electronics manufacturer in strategic legal and administrative proceedings all over the country, involving consumer law and contract law, including Public Civil Actions and compensation claims arising from product liability accidents.
  • Consultancy to that client on topics including consumer law, contract law, and antitrust law.
  • Legal counseling to a Chinese computer and electronics manufacturer on several consultancy and litigation matters involving consumer, tax, labor, contractual and regulatory law.
  • Legal counseling, especially in tax (litigation and consultancy) and contracts matters, to a subsidiary of a Chinese urban mobility company. The firm assisted in the conception and development of its business model, new initiatives, and new companies, as well as specific strategic projects to engage drivers (in the cases above in regulatory, consumer and labor matters).
  • Legal counseling to a Japanese technology company on matters including tax, labor, consumer, and intellectual property law.
  • Legal counseling to a Chinese state-owned bank on labor matters, both in the defense of strategic lawsuits and in consulting matters related to their operations in Brazil.
  • Representation of a Chinese conglomerate that won an international arbitration based abroad on the topic of the installation and development of an energy generation plant.
  • Legal counseling to a Chinese company that imports animal protein in a dispute against Brazilian suppliers.
  • Legal counseling to a Chinese trading company in injunctive reliefs and in a dispute relating to the supply of soybeans by Brazilian producers.
  • Legal counseling to a Chinese telecom equipment manufacturer in implementing its data protection compliance policy and adapating its policies to the Brazilian subsidiary.
  • Won an arbitration for a Chinese developer against a Brazilian subcontractor relating to ayment of municipal taxes.
  • Legal counseling to a Japanese publicly-held company in matters involving distribution agreements and the establishment of consumer relationship in Brazil, advising on strategies to mitigate risks.
  • Legal counseling to a Japanese publicly-held company in legal proceedings involving consumer rights.
  • Legal counseling to a Chinese chemical manufacturer in the acquisition of a global company, becoming the first in its sector to be listed on Chinese stock exchange.
  • Representation to a Chinese trading company in a legal dispute relating to non-compliance with grain supply agreements by a rural farmers’ cooperative.
  • Legal counseling to a Brazilian subsidiary of a Chinese company in acquisition of rural areas in Brazil.
  • Representation of a Korean trading company in a dispute regarding to non-compliance with grain supply agreements by a farmers’ cooperative, as well as tax consultancy.
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