White-Collar Crimes

White-Collar Crimes

Souto Correa’s Corporate Criminal Law area works in harmony with many other practice areas of Souto Correa Advogados, handling criminal matters from a truly multidisciplinary perspective in preventive, consultancy or litigation contexts. With activities covering the entire national territory from offices in Brasília, Porto Alegre, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, the area provides counseling and follow-up on criminal investigations and criminal lawsuits in federal and state courts, covering both legal entities and individuals. 

The team’s thorough involvement in each case, combined with their extensive technical knowledge, provides quick answers and efficient solutions in all stages of the proceedings, from the investigative phase to the resolution of the criminal action.

Furthermore, we provide customized work according to the sectors in which our clients operate, providing top-quality legal counseling in the following areas:

Agreements with the government: legal counseling, risk assessment and adoption of alternative measures in Leniency Agreements, Collaboration Awards, Nonprosecution Agreements and Terms of Conduct Adjustment.

Legal advice to victims:

  • Filing criminal investigation requests with police authorities or the Public Ministry;
  • Filing private criminal actions;
  • Acting as prosecution counsel in criminal actions in progress;
  • – Follow-up of police investigations;
  • Background check and due diligence in criminal matters.

Compliance: legal counseling for compliance with the Anticorruption Legislation, the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Law (PLDFT) and other laws and rules that have criminal implications.

Representation in legal and administrative proceedings: representation of defendants and victims in all phases of an investigation and before all instances; representation of defendants before sanctioning agencies, such as the Financial Activities Control Council (COAF) and CRSFN (National Financial System Appeals Council).

Crisis management: risk assessment and appropriate measures from detections of fraud, acts of corruption, labor violations, information security incidents and cybercrime.

Information security incidents: multidisciplinary counseling; risk assessment; adoption of safety measures.

Criminal investigation: legal counseling and follow-up of police investigations and investigative proceedings.

Risk Assessment: criminal risk assessment in investments, with wide experience in the energy, cryptoinvestments, financial market, and other sectors of the market.

Corporate Investigations:

  • Planning, conducting and/or supporting the investigation of internal wrongdoing and disciplinary and legal accountability;
  • Counselling international clients in the Brazilian phases of any internal investigations that may have been initiated abroad;
  • Preparing or reviewing conclusive reports of internal investigations, supported by technical-legal opinions on the penalties that may apply to the agents in the civil, labor, criminal and administrative fields;

Legal opinions on criminal matters.

In-company training for the prevention of criminal offenses.

The main areas of expertise in our department include:

  • cartel and antitrust practices;
  • money laundering;
  • cybercrimes;
  • corruption crimes;
  • bid rigging crimes;
  • tax crimes;
  • economic crimes;
  • consumer fraud;
  • financial crimes;
  • crimes against the government;
  • personal injury crimes;
  • bankruptcy fraud and corporate crimes;
  • environmental crimes;
  • crimes against industrial and intellectual property.
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