Wealth and Succession Planning

Wealth and Succession Planning

Souto Correa’s Wealth and Succession Planning team provides specialized counseling in estate and succession planning for Brazilian and international clients who have the goal of organizing, maximizing, and protecting their assets, whether in Brazil or other countries. The expertise of the professionals in this area allows for the creation of customized strategies to minimize economic risks and identify the best options to protect their assets. Our team also assists in structuring and implementing organization plans focused on protection, tax efficiency, and succession.

Our team provides counseling to individuals and family businesses, including support to family offices, in the format of family agreements, wills, partnership agreements, corporate organizations, offshore structures, trust funds and foundations, among other instruments.

With a multidisciplinary background, our team includes professionals with renowned expertise in Succession, Family, Tax, Corporate, Property and Intellectual Property Law.

Recent Representations

  • Succession planning and development of governance structure for a family controlling a publicly-traded company;
  • Legal counseling on mutually consented divorce negotiations involving complex estates, including multiple ownership interests, aircraft and works of art;
  • Legal  counseling on reorganization of estates of families whose estate is connected to agribusiness;
  • Legal counseling on drafting wills and family agreements (dating agreement, stable union and prenuptial agreement)
  • Legal counseling to expatriate Brazilians on family succession matters;
  • Legal counseling on estate management to foreigners who have moved to Brazil;
  • Acting in judicial and extra-judicial estate inventories;
  • Legal counseling to a client who has sold real estate assets located in a foreign country;
  • Legal counseling on the estate planning of clients who have founded start-ups;
  • Legal counseling on corporate reorganization of offshore companies;
  • Consultancy for a Swiss-based wealth management company, indirectly representing several clients with assets located in Brazil;
  • Legal counseling to artists on estate and succession planning;
  • Legal counseling on international estate planning for clients investing in alternative businesses and cryptocurrencies;
  • Legal counseling on estate planning for natural persons who have a wide investment portfolio;
  • Tax consultancy in the structuring and allocation of assets regularized under the Special Regime of Exchange and Tax Regularization (RERCT);
  • Legal counseling on the incorporation of off-shore structures, including private investment companies and trusts, in different countries and jurisdictions.
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